My time in Australia and my experience at my internship definitely set me ahead because I had more foreign work experience than my peers.
Tanner Brumbarger
Indiana Wesleyan University

The ASC offers a limited number of Business, Business Technology, Social Sciences and Ministries internships (known as practicums or pracs at CHC). All internships are worth 4 US Credits. For the internship, each student completes 100 hours of placement, receives a professional mentor, and submits reports, presentations and assignments.

Business Internships are available in the following fields:

Ministry has two types of Internships available:

Social Sciences Internships are available in the following fields:

  • Chaplaincy
  • Community Aid and Development
  • Community Mental Health
  • Youth Work
  • Human Behaviour
  • Disability and Aged Care
    * Students in Social Science Internships enroll in Applied Social Sciences Practicum and must also enrol in a co-requisite unit based on the internship.

Due to the extra time needed to secure internship placements, students that wish to do an internship are encouraged to apply by April 1 for the Fall semesters and October 1 for the Spring semesters. Students interested in a practicum can email [email protected] to inquire about the process as spaces are limited. Check out the Unit Descriptions to read more about internships.

Please note, completing an internship requires a substantial time commitment due to placement hours and public transportation travel requirements. In meeting this schedule, students may have a slightly different experience compared to other students (e.g. less free time during the week).

While ASC and CHC staff will do their best to find internships, placements are not guaranteed. We therefore ask students to choose other classroom-based units as alternatives. As much as possible, we match students in placements according to their preferences and interests, but recognize that it won't necessarily meet all of their expectations.