AS200 The View from Australia: (4 credit points)

This unit will introduce students to the multiple historical and cultural narratives that influence contemporary Australian culture and identity. Through active service learning and examination of Australians’ reactions to and handling of historical and current local, regional and world issues, students will develop a basic understanding of Australian cultures and worldviews and be able to articulate and analyse connections between cultural beliefs, practices and location.  This unit will also help ASC students emphasize and critique their role as experiential and mobile learners in a world where consumerism, tourism and global nomadism are commonplace.  Through reflective processes students will consider their own cultural beliefs and practices and begin to distinguish these from Biblical truth.  This unit includes a 35-hour service placement as well as regional experiences.  While specific travel is not guaranteed, past experience have included Outback Australia and Sydney.
(Possible Credit: General Studies, History, Political Science, Sociology, Religion/Theology, Cross-Cultural Studies.)

AS200 View from Australia - Unit Outline

CS254 Australian Indigenous Worldviews (4 credit points)*

A person who holds a Bible-based Christ-centred worldview endeavours to be thorough in the application of that worldview to all of life. This unit will introduce some of the ways that Aboriginal peoples view the world around them as well as provide insights into Aboriginal spirituality. The intersection of Aboriginal thought and the revelation of God in Christ found in Scripture will be examined to bring greater understanding of Aboriginal worldviews. This unit will also examine some of the core elements of Aboriginal worldviews in order to develop meaningful dialogue that may lead to the transformation of the Australian national life story.  As part of this unit students will engage in two “in-country” experiences with Aboriginal communities.
(Possible Credit: Anthropology, Sociology, History, Cross-Cultural Studies.)
* Students may choose to opt out of the CS254 core course in exchange for additional elective credits.

CS254 Australian Indigenous Worldviews - Unit Outline