Download the ASC Unit Descriptions PDF or click on the booklet below. These ASC units are offered in partnership with Christian Heritage College in Brisbane.  This document contains all of the units currently available to Australia Studies Centre (ASC) students from CHC's catalogue of classes. Please note that not all of these units will be offered every semester. We will endeavour to provide the confirmed list of units for a given semester at least 3 months prior to orientation for that semester.

Unit descriptions for different majors can be found on the following pages:

ASC Core Units Intercultural Studies .... 4
Christian Studies Units .... 5
Liberal Arts Units .... 6
Business Units .... 9 
Business Internships .... 14
Ministries Units .... 15
Social Sciences Units .... 19
     *Including Chaplaincy; Community Development; Social Work, Human behaviour; and Youth work.
Social Sciences Internships .... 26
Education Units .... 28
History Units .... 33
English Units .... 35
Drama Units .... 38