The Australia Studies Centre (ASC) is offered in partnership with Christian Heritage College (CHC), a CCCU affiliate member in Carindale, a suburb of Brisbane, Queensland. The ASC is designed to integrate the firsthand observation and study of Australian culture, history, religion, politics and Indigenous cultures together with experiential learning and formal instruction in Business, Liberal Arts, Christian Ministries, Education and Humanities, Social Sciences and Christian Studies. Coursework in select STEM fields is also available through Queensland University of Technology (QUT). 

The Australian school year is divided into two semesters, Semester 1 (Feb.-June) and Semester 2 (July-Nov.).


The View from Australia 4
Australian Indigenous Worldviews* 4



ASC students can customize the program to meet their unique academic needs by selecting an additional 2-3 courses from CHC’s course catalog with the option to exchange one elective course for a credit bearing internship.

Elective Courses
Select from courses in these areas:
     Liberal Arts
     Ministries & Christian Studies
     Education & Humanities
     Social Sciences
     Information Technology & Computer Science**
     Environmental Sciences & Biology**


     Social Services
     Business Technology


* Students may choose to opt out of Australian Indigenous Worldviews in exchange for additional elective credits.

** STEM units are offered through Queensland University of Technology.


Note: Christian Heritage College is a three year focused curriculum (without as many general education classes), so major units may be considered 200-300 level regardless of the CHC unit number.

Australian Level USA Level        
 100  100 & 200
 200  200 & 300
 300  300 & 400


Both of the core ASC classes (The View from Australia and Indigenous History, Cultures and Identity) are 300 level classes.

Please contact the ASC team with questions rather than Christian Heritage College (CHC) staff. This will ensure your request is handled in the most efficient manner without adding to CHC staff workload.

321 Eighth Street, N.E.; Washington, D.C., 20002 USA
877-946-9373 (toll free) or 202-548-5201
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