The Australia Studies Centre (ASC) is getting a facelift for 2020! Hone your international business and nonprofit management skills in preparation for careers in today’s global economy. As part of this new pilot program, experience the full lifecycle of international business, from manufacturing and production to international multilateral trade, and explore the role of nonprofit organizations and the service industry in various economies of the Pacific Rim. Gain hands-on business experience through travel (to Indonesia and additional countries in Asia), coursework, and interactions with the people and places of Australia and Asia.


Recommended Credits (15-16)*


Acting Justly: Living in a Multicultural Society 3
Comparative Economic Systems 3
Social Entrepreneurship 3
Integrated International Business Seminar 3
Capstone Seminar 1



Internship 3
Independent Study 3
Online Business Course 3
Regional Travel and Outdoor Recreation 1


*Please note this is a pilot program for spring 2020, and the exact courses may be subject to change.