We can't do it alone

Each semester, the students that participate in the CCCU’s ten off-campus programs leave the comfort of their home campuses and step into a whole new world. BestSemester provides students with a unique learning opportunity while offering new insights on faith, culture, and personal vocation.

According to the Chronicle of Higher Education and the Institute of International Education, the number of students studying abroad has increased nearly 150% in the last decade. However, bridging the gap between students’ desire to study off-campus and their actual ability to do so often presents a significant challenge. While 55% of college bound high-school seniors surveyed in 2008 said they planned to study overseas, only 1% of American students are financially able. 

Your gift will help continue to make BestSemester programs widely accessible to potential students as possible. By contributing to a student grant, you will make a difference for those students who are unable to participate on the basis of their existing financial resources. We invite you to join us and help make off-campus study a possibility for all CCCU students.

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