While the BestSemester team stretches around the world to include our program directors and program staff, you may initially communicate with the hard-working folks at the CCCU headquarters in Washington, DC.  Whatever your question may be, they are here to help you!


Carolyn Dirksen

Interim Vice President of Educational Programs

[email protected]
202-548-5201, ext 400


Leah Mullen

Director of Enrollment and Campus Relations

[email protected]
202-548-5201, ext 401


Jordan Smith

Assistant Director of Educational Programs

[email protected]
202-548-5201, ext 406


Jackie Meadows

Admissions Coordinator

Scholars' Semester in Oxford and Oxford Summer Programme
[email protected]
202-548-5201, ext 402


Katie Heidengren

Admissions & Academic Services Coordinator

Middle East Studies Program and Uganda Studies Program
[email protected]
202-548-5201, ext 403


Kyriana Lynch

Admissions Coordinator

Australia Studies Center and Northern Ireland Semester
[email protected]
202-548-5201, ext 410