OCSCs can request account information to view students from their campus who have applied to BestSemester programs. With this account, OCSCs can see application status as well as the materials students still need to submit for their application. To request an account, please email [email protected].

Please Note: With an account, OCSCs can set up weekly email reminders to view students and their application progress. The email will be from [email protected] and sent from Terra Dotta (our application system provider). The email is brief (just student's name and semester); however, OCSCs can log into their account and view the details of students' progress.

Below is a description of the application status types:
Application Status Types:
  • In Progress: The student has started and saved the application form to finish later.
  • In Progress (Paid): The student has started application and paid application fee.
  • Complete: The application is finished and ready for admission review.
  • Waitlisted: The student has been offered a spot on the waiting list  and will be notified if a participation spot becomes available
  • Not Accepted: The student was not offered participation on the program
  • Withdrawn: The student has withdrawn the application.
Confirmation Status Types:
  • Accepted: The student has been accepted & has logged into the confirmation form but has not submitted the form indicating intent to participate.
  • Intent: The student has submitted the confirmation form indicating the intent to participate in the program but has not yet paid or completed all of the additional confirmation requirements.
  • Intent & Deposit: A student has confirmed their intent to participate and has paid the deposit.
  • Confirmed: The student has submitted all necessary pre-departure requirements, they have been verified by the program, and the student is ready to depart for the program.
  • Enrolled: A student is changed to "Enrolled" upon arrival at the program. After the semester is complete, this status indicates alumni status.
  • Post-Notify Withdrawal: This status began with the fall 2008 semester and indicates that a student withdrew participation after an acceptance decision was delivered and before participation
  • Post-Enroll Withdrawal: The student voluntarily or involuntarily withdrew from the program after arrival.