Introduction and background

The Council’s Standing Board Policies require the president to appoint a Student Academic Programs Commission (SAPC) to serve as a source of review, advice and accountability for student programs. SAPC, in essence, serves as a liaison body with the Council membership, and guarantor of the quality of Council student programs.


SAPC makes its recommendations for administrative action to the vice president for academic affairs and, as appropriate, for referral by the vice president to the president and board of directors. Dr. Kimberly Battle-Walters Denu, Vice President for Educational Programs, is the primary staff liaison.



SAPC has six members appointed for two or three-year staggered terms. The Commission recommends new members to the president annually. Members serve until their replacements are appointed and any member can be reappointed up to a maximum of six consecutive years. The Commission normally has at least three chief academic officers and one chief student development officer serving at all times.


General Student Programs Management

The president has delegated the overall management responsibility for credit-recommending and other student related programs to the vice president for academic affairs. Currently, Dr. Kimberly Battle-Walters Denu is the primary liaison with SAPC. Each program director has major responsibility for helping to shape and implement Council policies and Commission recommendations for the day-to-day direction of the programs. Reports and recommendations from the program directors are directed through the Vice President to SAPC.


Functions of the Commission

SAPC meets twice yearly and provides oversight of the general academic and student life aspects of all Council-managed student programs. Through written reports, review of published information, major on-site visits of student programs, etc., the full Commission reviews and recommends in writing, policies and procedures applicable to any or all of the programs. The Commission also provides counsel to the vice president.


Reports of On-Site Reviews

Each program is visited by the Commission for an extensive on-site review a minimum of once every six years. Copies of the written reports are sent to the chief academic officers of Council member colleges and universities. They are also sent to accreditation agencies upon request.


You'll find the most recent SAPC report from each program below:

Australia Studies Centre

American Studies Program

Contemporary Music Center

Los Angeles Film Studies Program

Latin American Studies Program

Middle East Studies Program

Oxford Summer Programme

Scholars' Semester in Oxford

Uganda Studies Program


William Hackett
Southeastern University (FL)

Deb Harless
Bethel University (MN)

Laura Montgomery
Dean of Global Education
Wheaton College (IL)

Mark Mountain
Olivet Nazarene University (IL)

Kris Hansen-Kieffer
Vice Provost for Student Success and Engagement
Messiah College (PA)