Who Are Alumni Ambassadors?

Alumni Ambassadors are program alumni selected to represent BestSemester on their home campus. To be eligible, you must have completed at least one semester/summer term on a BestSemester program and be returning to your college/university campus for at least one more year. (Exceptions can be made for students graduating in December.)

We are looking for alumni who truly had a great experience and can't wait to share their excitement with their peers! You are (of course) already an expert on your own program, so we will provide information and training on the other BestSemester programs.

What Do Alumni Ambassadors Do?

  • Be the BestSemester student spokesperson for off-campus studies on your campus
  • Speak in classes and set up tables to reach students on campus
  • Plan, promote, and host on-campus event(s) with the help of BestSemester resources
  • Promote BestSemester programs using online tools such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.
  • Connect and coordinate with BestSemester alumni on your campus
  • Follow up with interested students after events
  • Participate in training and conference calls with BestSemester staff and other Alumni Ambassadors

Click here to download the description of this awesome position. 


How Do I Apply?

Applications to serve as an Alumni Ambassador for the Spring 2020 semester are now open! Click here! 

Applications are due by December 13th. Questions? Please contact us at 202-548-5201 or [email protected]


Why Should I Be an Alumni Ambassador?

Here's what some of our recent ambassadors have to say...

"BestSemester was one of the most formative experiences of my time in college. Now, a year removed, and through participating in the Alumni Ambassador Program, I'm finding a unique place to unpack many significant lessons and experiences and connect with others about my beautiful four and half months in Uganda through the Uganda Studies Program."

-Marybeth C., Uganda Studies Program (Gordon College)


"BestSemester gives college students the real world experience they can't wait until graduation to get. That's what it did for me so they are easy programs to support by becoming an alumni ambassador."

-Jenny M., American Studies Program (California Baptist University)


"I enjoyed my experience so much, while also grasping how much it changed my outlook and perspective that I would want to give everyone of my college that opportunity."

-Connor D., Scholars' Semester in Oxford (Palm Beach Atlantic University)