As I stand behind the Hollywood sign after a long, hot climb, I’m taken aback by the beauty before me. Stretched out before me are the shadows of millions of people going about their daily business, millions trying to make a name for themselves, and millions trying to make their dreams come true like I am.

At age 12, my dream to be in the film industry started to form when I received a small, 3-megapixel webcam from my cousin. We used it to create short, silly movies using whatever materials we could find around the house. Now here I am, standing on one of the most iconic sites in the world, taking the next step towards my dream that was born years before.

For many, the Hollywood sign is a representation of fame, fortune, and glamour. For me, it is a representation of hard work, perseverance, and faith. Here begins the next chapter toward making my dreams come true.

~ Camille Orgel

Oral Roberts University, LAFSC Spring 2012