"LAFSC was my favorite semester of college, far and away.  It felt like I found 35 of my soul mates." -Michelle Steffes

FilmWorks 2010 Grand Recipient (Grand Prize, USA Film Festival), Member of the Academy of Motion Pictures, Arts and Sciences.

The L.A. Film Studies Center exists to provide a space for people who are passionately driven to create stories.  We train students in the craft of expressing their authentic voice while walking out their faith journey.  What does it look like to make films that are as focused on method as message?  How do you tell stories that ring true without robbing your audience of their right to come to their own conclusions? How can you truly be yourself and tell your story in the midst of Christian community? We could tell you.  But come to LAFSC and let us show you...https://vimeo.com/lafsc