Imagine pitching your screenplay to working Hollywood producers (it could happen) or attending the premiere of your short film. LAFSC provides a well-rounded yet in-depth understanding of what makes the business of Hollywood run. Workshops combined with electives teach you relevant production processes and protocols, as well as the vital skills of collaboration. Talent and literary agencies, managing companies, film developers and postproduction facilities are just some of the exciting internship options.



Hollywood Production Workshop 4
Faith & Artistic Development in Film 3
Internship: Inside Hollywood 6


Narrative Storytelling 3
Professional Acting for the Camera 3
Professional Screenwriting 3
Independent Study 3


Hollywood Production Workshop

Students work collaboratively to create a finished piece. This includes all legal documentation and rights, which enables the finished production to quality for festival submission.

Faith & Artistic Development in Film

This course explores film, theology and life in the context of the Hollywood entertainment industry. It is a process-oriented course that stimulates discourse about values, beliefs and the art of film.

Internship: Inside Hollywood

Students participate in an internship experience in some aspect of the Hollywood entertainment industry. Students work 20-40 hours a week, spread over a three-day schedule, and accumulate 200-250 hrs for the semester.



The LAFSC program is a rigorous full-time academic load.  Students will not be allowed to take additional courses by correspondence or as independent studies while enrolled in this program, nor are they allowed to seek employment while attending.  Classes and activities are scheduled at a variety of times, including evenings and weekends.  Students are strongly encouraged to check with the Center before scheduling any activities other than those scheduled by the LAFSC, including weekend plans.