Arriving in Costa Rica, you sense there's a bigger picture than just the scenery. You are about to be immersed into the diversity of Latin America’s history. You’ll step into a contemporary society rooted in tradition with people who are sincere and accepting. Live in San José. Journey to Nicaragua for a week and a half. Walk the vibrant roads of Limón. Travel not as a tourist, but as an ambassador to this complex culture. You may see wealth.  You will see poverty. You will learn of Latin America from Latin Americans – in the classroom, during our trips, and in your homestays.


Your LASP courses allow you to think critically about your Latin American experience by connecting your surroundings with your classroom discussions. It’s the place where you sip coffee and develop relationships through a common language. It’s the local restaurant owner who welcomes you and teaches you about real international business. And it’s your homestays expanding your view of our cultural differences as well as similarities.

During LASP, you’ll encounter new voices of praise, different approaches to international affairs and steadfast social virtue. As you live with different host families, allow day-to-day realities of Latin American life to permeate your perspectives. Interact in Spanish with politicians, forward-thinking business owners, rural farmers and church leaders. Then develop your own voice, one that will serve you in your vocation, ongoing education and spiritual growth.